The Birth


Hello SunShine!

Welcome to my Positive Vibes Space! May You Feel Bathed With Warmth and an Urge to BE THAT CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD!

I was INspired to create my Positive Vibes Deck because I was longing to spread Love, Light and SunShine to those around me including random strangers!

I created these cards by using my own pictures and words, trusting that each card holds its own magic and healing! I have experienced that by sharing a simple yet uplifting and positive message with people, it allows us to open our Hearts and acknowledge one another; to take the time to truly connect; and most importantly to feel and be seen! The interaction that takes place when you gift a Positive Vibe card is so energetically rewarding for both the giver and receiver.

Each tiny card contains a BIG message that can physically change and SHIFT a person’s Energy for the better; creating a ripple effect of POSITIVITY and in turn, each person that receives a card can then SHIFT and UPLIFT at least one more person that they come in contact with! CAUTION: POSITIVE VIBES ARE CONTAGIOUS AND CAN SPREAD RAPIDLY!

So come and join me!!! Uplift not just YOUR Mood and Energy but others around you!Paint Smiles on people’s faces! Buy a deck and spread the Feel Good Positive Vibes.🌞

Love & SunShine

Namaste 💛